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Nulled Börse TeaSpeak Server 32 Bit Linux 1.2.30-beta-1

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TeaSpeak hat eine neue Ressource hinzugefügt:

TeaSpeak Server 32 Bit Linux - TeaSpeak is a server and web client software for VoIP communication.

TeaSpeak is a free server and web client software for VoIP communication.
Its the deal software for everyone who is annoyed about limits and restrictions.
TeaSpeak includes a lot of new cool features in contrast to all other well known VoIP software.

Such as an build in Music Bot system. This system acts like a normal music bot system except that its
much more efficient compared to other music bots. Not enough TeaSpeak also support a private channel
system which allows you to stay...
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  • Fixed group sort id for id's over 255
  • Fixed missing channel join permission testing for b_channel_join_*
  • Fixed granted permission deletion
  • Fixed double server group adding on tokenuse
  • Added a config option to enable/disable the automatic icon deletion #295
  • Fixed issue #302 (Invalid permission handling with not granted and zero permissions)
  • Fixed possible channel tree crash when it comes to several synchronous actions
  • Fixed disappearing people on join (#305)
  • Added property:
    • serverinstance_template_musicdefault_group
    • virtualserver_default_music_group
  • Implemented permission b_virtualserver_connectioninfo_view
  • Implemented permission b_serverinstance_info_view
  • Fixed client invalid parameter bug with invisible channels!
  • Fixed server hangup in connection with web clients
  • servergroupcopy now check for permission b_serverinstance_modify_querygroup and b_serverinstance_modify_templatesdepends on the target
  • servergroupcopy now creates global query groups even when you're server bound
  • channelgroupcopy now check for permission b_serverinstance_modify_querygroup and b_serverinstance_modify_templatesdepends on the target
  • channelgroupcopy now creates global query groups even when you're server bound
1.2.11 beta 3
  • Allow login when you're already logged in
  • Fixed issue #347
  • Fixed issue #346
  • Fixed permission test for ... when you upload a icon/avatar
    • i_max_icon_filesize
    • i_client_max_avatar_filesize
  • Fixed issue with failed to move crash dump
  • 1.2.21b
    • Fixed ip v6 binding and MTU issue
    • Improved buffer strategies
    • Fixed music bot crash on delete
  • 1.2.20b
    • Several webclient improvements (stability as well) Should be now useable with TeaSpeak-Server without crashing :)
    • Implemented issue #467
    • Fixed music bot crash on delete
    • Improved file transfer error handling on file opening
    • Improved error handling for eliminating the invalid clientID disconnect
    • Fixed issue #367
      Important: Update your server to beta 2!
  • 1.2.19b
    • Implemented native audio streaming for the web client (No "robovoice" again)
    • Fixed crash on web client disconnect
    • Don't ask for the default privilege key anymore, if it doesn't exists
    • Fixed file transfer instance hangup
    • Fixed issue #422
    • Fixed query interface for serverprocessstop
    • Fixed client disconnect when own channel becomes theoretically invisible
    • Fixed address using on server stop, when a music bot is running
  • 1.2.18b
    • Fixed ban issue with internal ban id's
    • Implemented ban trigger count and log
    • Added command bantriggerlist
    • Implementing permission b_client_use_channel_commander
    • Fixed crash according to global groups assignments
  • 1.2.17b
    • Added permission b_virtualserver_modify_default_musicgroup
    • Added permission b_channel_ignore_join_power
    • Fixed config version auto update
    • Fixed file transfer and server hangup issue
    • Implemented music provider configurations
    • Added permission b_virtualserver_select_godmode
    • Fixed crashes from issue #432
    • Implemented issue #161
  • 1.2.16b
    • Improved error handling on double database access
    • Implemented the full whisper system
    • Made commands serveredit and serverinfo accessible globally
    • Implemented server property template implementation
    • Fixed weblist report
    • Fixed issue #420 (Snapshot incorrectly transfers server settings)
    • Implemented #350
    • Added command line parameters --set_query_password and --help #404
  • 1.2.15b
    • Implemented file transfer bandwidth
    • Implemented file transfer quotas
    • Implemented monthly and global static saving and resetting
    • Implemented permissions:
      • b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list
      • b_virtualserver_servergroup_list
      • b_virtualserver_select
      • b_icon_manage (On file listing)
    • Fixed channel tree rebuild crash Beta 7:
      • Fixed invalid channel order
      • Fixed invalid quotas (Disconnect on file transfare)
      • Fixed serversnapshotdeploy
  • 1.2.14b
    • Fixed too long channel name
    • Fixed override of query passwords
    • Improved move/switch logic
  • 1.2.13b
    • Fixed memory leak
    • Fixed issue #347
    • Fixed issue #333
    • Fixed issue #362
    • Fixed issue #361
    • Added debug messages for bans
    • Fixed not releasing port on server stopping
    • Fixed issue #339
    • Fixed issue #368
    • Implemented permissions i_channel_max_depth and i_channel_min_depth (#377)
    • Improved disconnect logic
  • 1.2.12b
    • Fixed issue with failed to move crash dump
    • Fixed nickname already in use issue on double connect
    • Fixed channel name already in use
    • Fixed version #349 (Fixed query notifies for servergroupadd and servergroupdel)
  • 1.2.29b
    • Fixed WebList and server stop/delete bug.
    • Fixed 'invalid channels flags' when you set a password to the default channel
    • Fixed weblist showing wrong server password settings
  • 1.2.28b
    • Fixed invalid memory read on printing error information form malformed packets (possible crash)
    • Fixed issue #500
    • Added a timestamp for query connect. Queries now have an online time
    • Improved server create algorithm, port selection seeded up (> 100VS)
    • Removed unnecessary sqlite errors
    • Fixed a possible crash on serverstop, when clients are connected to the server
  • 1.2.27b
    • Improved the weblist client and added a global config option to disable the TeamSpeak weblist
    • Fixed web voice bridge for firefox
    • Fixed potential crash on query server switch
    • Implemented command ftgetfileinfo
    • Improved error handling on invalid db properties
    • Added "quick exit" mode when shutdown signal was triggered more than two times
    • Fixed property connection_connected_time on clientinfo
    • Fixed GLIBC minimum version
    • Fixed YT-DL startup spam
    • Fixed critical error for internal bots
  • 1.2.26b
    • Improved server ticking for temporary channels
    • Improved log handling (async log now) => Should speedup some processes
    • Fixed virtualserver_query_client_connections counter
    • Fixed client disconnect on double subchannel deletion
    • Implemented client property (client_flag_talking)
    • Added parameter client_talk_power to clientlist -voice
    • Added the possibility to edits a music bot client name via clientedit with the property client_nickname
  • 1.2.25b
    • Added permissions b_client_ban_name, b_client_ban_ip, b_client_ban_hwid
    • Return correct ban ID array on banclient
    • Added array handling within info request for commands clientinfo, clientdbinfo, clientgetids, clientgetdbidfromuid, clientgetnamefromdbid, clientgetuidfromclid
    • Added cid to clientinfo
    • Fixed i_needed_modify_power_... permission resolving
    • Fixed missing error for empty database for command permfind
    • Implemented permfind for i_needed_modify_power queries
    • Fixed file transfer fail for small files (#482)
    • Fixed music bot youtubdl module detecting youtube urls again
  • 1.2.24b
    • Grouped Web IO threads (configurable of cause)
    • Implemented support to override config options via command line
    • Improved config error handling
    • Added specific soundcloud replay support (.mbot soundcould <url>)
    • Added command line config overrides
    • Fixed bans for empty hardware id's. Not ban a empty id by hwid=empty
    • Fixed issue (#481)
    • Fixed premium config settings
    • Added i_group_is_permanent as default permission
    • Added possibility to define ice servers and local port ranges for the web client
  • 1.2.23b
    • Fixed stability issues within 22 :)
    • Added parameter hwid on banlist
    • Added the possibility to edit the hwid on banedit
    • Added synonym for reason on banedit (banreason)
    • Added flags on banclient (no-nickname, no-hardware-id, no-ip)
  • 1.2.22b
    • Fixed client disconnects on client channel switch
    • Some small improvements
    • Speeded up loading process
    • Fixed channel tree remerge on broken channel tree
  • Fixed weblist showing wrong server password settings
  • Renamed every parameter `botid` to `bot_id`
  • Renamed every parameter `songid` to `song_id`
  • Added switch `-bulk` in `musicbotqueuelist` to send the data as one line with `|`
  • Added property value `any` or `-1` for `type` within `musicbotqueueadd` to autodetect the best provider
  • Fixed `virtualserver_filebase` property
  • Added that the weblist now shows the correct state for channel creation

  • Added properties ... to `clientinfo`

  • Fixed libevent hangup on release build (missed initialisation call)
  • Returning database_empty_result on `musicbotqueuelist` when the list is empty
  • Fixed song id generation
  • Renamed (fix) `manager` as `event` to `client` within `servernotify(register|unregister|list)`
  • Added possibility to change the music bots volume via `clientedit` (`player_volume=0.1`)
  • When a query is in godmode and executes `clientmove` on himself he gets visible
  • Changed default country (property `client_country`) from `none` to `TS` (`TS` is unassigned)
  • Added command `musicbotsetsubscription bot_id=[0|<bot id>]` to enable/set subscribed bot and receive status updates when playing
  • Improved ffmpeg property detection (decreased log error spam)
  • Improved `Music bot contained empty frame!` message spam
  • Fixed license check hangup (2x), added connect timeout, and fixed crash on deallocation
  • Fixed instance hangup on force quit
  • Added the possibility to set the default `virtualserver_host` and `virtualserver_web_host` within the config.yml